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Marketing happens to be the crux of advertising. In addition to the various methods used for spreading ideas about products and services, T-shirt printing London is the latest to have caught the craze of Marketers. It is not only useful in marketing about brands to the masses but also helps in making one acquainted with your services and latest events conducted.

What is T-Shirt Printing?

Tshirt printing London uses the method of DTG printing (Direct to Garment). The process is carried on using a large inkjet printer which helps in pressing the ink on the fabric using a stencil. This is considered one of the most viable methods in comparison to screen printing.

The method used for printing?

The DTG procedure of printing on T-shirts involves less wastage of inks. Water-based inks are used in printing the logo or designs directly to the t-shirts. Thus, it is considered environment-friendly. With the advancement of technology, nowadays it is even possible to get same day poster printing done with immediate delivery.

 What are the advantages of Tshirt printing?

Some of the advantages of T-shirt printing are as follows:

–    As T-shirts are used on regular basis, there are no worries of it getting lost or torn as in the case of papers. Thus, getting your logos and ideas printed on t-shirts has a long-lasting impact on masses.

–    It is economical and one can get same day poster printing done without shelling extra cost.

–    There is less wastage.

–    T-shirts carrying impactful designs using a different variety of colors can be used as a style statement.

Using new technologies clubbing with great ideas generate stylish T-shirt prints.

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